Console My Arcade Bubble Bobble Pocket Player

Console My Arcade Bubble Bobble Pocket Player

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My Arcade Bubble Bobble Pocket Player

This My Arcade Pocket Player features 3 classic games by TAITO: Bubble Bobble (Part 1 & 2) and Rainbow Islands: The Story. Popping onto the scene in 1986, this is the epic adventure of brothers Bub and Bob, who have been transformed into dragons, and must battle through 100 levels to save their girlfriends. Featuring simple yet strategic gameplay, BUBBLE BOBBLE continues to be a fan favorite and is consistently ranked among the best games of all time. My Arcade Pocket Players feature fully playable versions of gaming's favorite classics. With full color displays and a compact ergonomic design, Pocket Players are fine-tuned for hours of gameplay where ever you need to kill some time. It is perfect for places where Internet/Wi-Fi connections may not be readily available such as long car rides, road trips, air travel, train rides, and more.